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One of the greatest callings on a believer’s life is that of being a disciple and that of practicing discipleship. Kingdom Worship Center’s mission is to Train, Equip, Empower and Mobilize.  Discipleship then is the "process of learning about the teachings of another, internalizing them and then acting upon them." As Believers, we are called upon to be students of Christ, studying his teachings from scripture (The Bible), and making them a part of our daily lives. It is an opportunity to ground yourself in the faith. The discipleship series is an extension of our in-depth Bible study.  For more information contact the administrative office. 




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Bishop Gregory Dennis is a fifth generational minister, maintaining the legacy of servitude, by doing all that he can so that the 21st century Church will move into a place of maturity. He has become one of his generations' prophetic voices.

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