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Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions


What denomination are you?

Kingdom Worship Center is a non-denominational Christian Church and everyone is welcome.


What is expected of me as a new member?

As a new member you will be expected to:

  1. Regularly attend and participate in worship services
  2. Participate in weekly bible study, cell group or Mid-week services
  3. Serve in a ministry
  4. Give financially as a consistent tither
  5. Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ

How do I get baptized?

If you have accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior and have not been water baptized you must complete Discipleship classes before the baptism. Contact the Chief Elder of Apostolic Ministry for more information.


Is there a dress code? How do I dress for church?

You can expect a variety of dress styles among the congregation. You may dress however you are comfortable. We just ask that your dress be respectful to the other congregants as well as to yourself ( clothing or items that would be considered offensive because of graphics, language or message or of a provocative nature).


First Sunday is Communion Sunday so leaders dress in official clergy attire.
Fourth Sunday is Youth Sunday so casual wear or jeans are appropriate for all attendees including clergy.


How often do you hold communion?

We hold our communion service on the First Sunday of each month.


Do you provide nursery and child care during Sunday worship services?
Yes, we provide a safe nursery and children's program for those age 2 to 10 years old during our Sunday worship services.



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Bishop Gregory Dennis is a fifth generational minister, maintaining the legacy of servitude, by doing all that he can so that the 21st century Church will move into a place of maturity. He has become one of his generations' prophetic voices.

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